Fausett DNA

Foster Paternal Haplotype: I-L38Fausett Paternal Haplotype: R-Z159 JBFF Haplotype: K1b1a1Paulina Maternal Haplotype: A1 Paulina Paternal Haplotype: E-M183 ??Guillen Haplotype: R-CTS4188 Derik:Maternal Haplotype: K1b1a1 (K1b1a1: Defined by 13967T. British Isles, Central Europe and Scandinavia.)Paternal Haplotype: R-Z159 (R1b1a2a1a1c2b1b / R-U106-4a2 / R1b-Z159 … Continue reading Fausett DNA


Video: 1838: The Year the Saints Were Driven Out of Missouri Note: George Washington Robinson signed the certificate and recorded the ordination of John Mckee Fausett as an Elder in the Church. It must be noted that Mr. Robinson is … Continue reading Danites