Solomon Bear

Isaiah Bear, the favorite son of his 65-year-old father, Solomon, was watching his father with his brother Frank, as his violent outbursts were causing the family worry that he would harm himself. When the two returned after a few minutes break, they found their father swinging a shotgun that had been sitting against a wall. The two tried to wrestle the gun away, and he fought back. He stepped back and fired into Isaiah’s abdomen. A doctor was summoned, but was too late. Continue reading Solomon Bear


Colonel Zackquill Morgan Derik’s 6th Great-Grandfather Birth: 8 September 1735, Bunker Hill, Frederick, Virginia Death: 1 January 1795, Fort Prickett, Marion, Virginia, United States G.B. – French and Indian War U.S. – Revolutionary War According to family tradition, Zackquill and … Continue reading Veterans

Relatives of Import

Joaquín Pardavé Paulina’s 2nd Great Uncle Joaquín Pardavé Arce (September 30, 1900 – July 20, 1955) was a Mexican film actor, director, songwriter and screenwriter of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.[1] He was best known for starring and directing various comedy films during the 1940s. In some of them, Pardavé paired with one of Mexico’s most famous actresses, Sara García. The films in which they starred are El baisano Jalil, El barchante Neguib, El ropavejero, and La familia Pérez. These actors had on-screen chemistry together, and are both noted for playing a wide variety of comic characters from Lebanese … Continue reading Relatives of Import

Ancestors in Zion’s Camp of 1834

John Mckee Fausett(Derik’s 4th Great Grandfather) Henry Harriman (Derik’s 4th Great Grandfather) Ornon Houghton(Derik’s 5th Great Grandfather) Louisa Aurelia Curtis (Houghton)(Derik’s 5th Great Grandmother) Zion’s Camp was Leadership Training (<>) According to its ostensible purpose, [Zion’s Camp] was a failure. But … Continue reading Ancestors in Zion’s Camp of 1834