William Arthur Barney

Adapted from the “Barney Family Gazette” published by West Lee Barney, March 1990.

William Arthur Barney was born January 11, 1883, at Lakeshore, Utah, the fourth child and first son of William Franklin and Lovisa Barney.  He grew up around Lake Shore and received a general education in the Lakeshore schools.

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Will worked in the timber with his father right out of school when he was still a young man. When they brought the telegraph into Utah, Will got a job helping to set up the lines. While still in his teens he got a job building the railroad, where he could soon show-up the older men at any job. Then he started herding sheep for Hiram Argyle, and met and eventually married Louisa Jane Argyle on July 11, 1905. They spent their honeymoon herding sheep. But he was soon back in the timber again as his love for this type of work, the trees, and the closeness to nature it provided couldn’t keep him away. While still in Lakeshore, their first child, Hiram Arthur, was born, May 7, 1906. Their first daughter, Leone Arelia, was born May 2, 1908. William Frank was born September 1, 1910; and Olive Lovisa was born January 27, 1912. They dry-farmed in Cedar Valley, and during the winters Will worked as a teamster at the mines. In 1914 they moved to Idaho. It took them a long time to move from Lakeshore, Utah, to Rexburg, Idaho. They moved in the spring of the year when the mud was so … (continued on page 10)
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