Charles Barney

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BIRTH 23 MAR 1783 • Manchester, Bennington, Vermont, United States
DEATH 28 FEB 1865 • Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah, United States

Derik’s 5th great-grandfather

“As soon as inhabitants settled in Illinois I sold and moved on.”

“I farmed a few miles from Carthage Illinois when Prophet Joseph Smith was murdered. At 78 I was deaf and living in Utah.”

“I was born in Vermont, the son of a Revolutionary War veteran. I knew nothing except frontier life. I cleared land in New York, got married and farmed. Houses got so thick along the road I was seldom out of sight of one.  At 29, I enlisted in the war of 1812.  I kept moving westward as new land became available.  I moved to Ohio then bought land in Illinois.  We were going to move after the birth of our 8th child.  My wife died delivering her 2nd daughter.  I started anew with a young bride and moved to Illinois.”


Pioneer of Utah County. Came to Utah, Sept. 9, 1852.
Written by his Great-Granddaughter, Mary C. Barney, July 1, 1937
Camp—Lake Shore, Daughters of Utah Pioneers of Utah County

Charles Barney was the son of Luther and Niber Abigail Winship Barney and he was born March 23, 1783, in Massachusetts. He was an early pioneer of Utah and arrived in Utah September 9, 1852, with the Bryant Jolley Company. The hardships of the early pioneers were neither pleasant nor exciting, with no one to cheer them on their way; they had only their profound faith and courage to keep them going. They struggled onward facing the blazing sun and heat and the cold blasts of winter, but with their faith in God, they journeyed onward until they reached Utah.

The Indians were very bad in those days and they never knew when they camped for the night what might happen to them before the early morning hour, but still they never gave up hope of reaching what is called the Promised Land. He was one of the early settlers of Spanish Fork, Utah. However, he soon moved out of town to what is now Lake Shore; it was then called Spanish Fork West Branch. He built the first dugout down here in Lake Shore along the Spanish Fork River. He had to throw the dirt out with his hands as they did not have any shovels then. This dugout was built where
George Micksell now lives, as near as we know.

According to the History Records, he was married in the Eastern states and his family were all born before he came to Utah. The records show that he worked his way from the land of his birth all along the way as they were rearing their family. He was married to Mercy Yeoman and she was born in Conn., October 1785 and died October 25, 1825. He then married Deborah Riffle Street, but we have no dates of her birth. The records show there were two more wives: Sally Hartfield and Sally Rosebrocks, and we have no dates of them. He was the father of sixteen children. After a year or so he moved to Sanpete County where his second wife Deborah died. They made their home in Spring City, Utah. He used to travel by team and wagon from Spring City back here to Spanish Fork and had some very narrow escapes from the Indians.

One time when he was coming down through Salt Creek Canyon he took very sick. He told the folks that he was with that they would have to stop, that he was too sick to stand the rough roads any longer. So they stopped but it was only a little while when some of them saw some Indians at a short distance. They soon had their team hitched and ready to leave and he did not stop to think any more of how sick he was. They made their way out of the canyon as soon as possible.

We think his occupation was farming. Before he died he came back to Lake Shore where he died Feb. 28, 1866, and was buried in the Spanish Fork City cemetery.

His family is as follows:

Luther born Sept. 8, 1805, in Niggary Co., New York, died June 3, 1879.

Lewis born Sept. 8, 1808, in Niggary Co., New York, married Elizabeth Turner, died Nov. 5, 1895.

Lucien born in 1811 in Niggary Co., New York, died June 3, 1897.

Lurinda born in 1813 in New York, died June 3, 1897.

Henery born in 1815 in Wain, Fayette Co., Ohio.

Walter born in Wain, Fayette Co., Ohio. Married Caroline Haws.

John born April 15, 1823, in Wain, Fayette Co., Ohio, married Burn Abligal Wash.

Lucinda born Oct. 18, 1825, in Wain, Fayette Co., Ohio.

Children of second wife:

Emeline born Aug. 13, 1828, in Lakefork, Sangamon Co., Illinois, married Benjamin Leland.

Betsey born in Lakefork, Sangamon Co., Illinois, married Benjamin Leland.

Lousia born in 1831 in Lakefork, Sangamon Co., Illinois.

*Benjamin Franklin born March 12, 1832, in Springfield, Illinois, died Dec. 7, 1904, married Caroline Beard Tippetts.

Margaret born July 12, 1834, Springfield, Illinois, married Joseph Jibert.

Thomas Jefferson born Dec. 25, 1836, in Springfield, Illinois, married Lucinda Box.

William Street born March 30, 1844 in Springfield, Illinois, married Hanna Stoddard.

Sarah Jane born May 13, 1845, in Nauvoo, Illinois, married Joseph S. Black.

Charles had two sisters and eight brothers, three half-sisters and nine half-brothers.

Written by his Great-Granddaughter, Mary C. Barney, July 1, 1937
Re-typed by Monica Durfee Anderson, 2014

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